John Brett. Portrait of Christina Rossetti. 1857.
The Bijou

The Bijou;

or Annual of Literature and the Arts

compiled by William Fraser

London: William Pickering,


pp. pp. 29-30
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The Poet Warrior
By Allan Cunningham
1. 1
STAYED is the war- horse in his strength, 2
Broke is the barbed arrow, 3
The spell has conquered on Nithside, 4
Which won of yore on Yarrow. 5
O did he bear a charmed sword 6
That for no mail would tarry, 7
And on his youthful head a helm 8
Was forged in land of fairy. 9
Did Saxon shaft and war axe dint 10
Fall on charm's mail and elfin flint? 11

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2. 12
His spell was valour, and he came 13
When warrior's hearts were coldest, 14
And poured his fire through peasant's souls, 15
And led and ruled the boldest. 16
He with flushed brow, and flashing eyes, 17
And right arm bare and gory, 18
Rushed reeking o'er the lives of men, 19
And turned our shame to glory. 20
A hero's soul was his, and higher 21
The minstrel's love, and poet's fire. 22

3. 23
Seek for a dark and down cast eye, 24
A glance 'mongst men the mildest, 25
Seek for a bearing haught and high 26
Can daunt and awe the wildest. 27
Seek one whose soul is tenderness 28
Is steeped — who to the lyre 29
Can pour out song as fast and bright 30
As heaven can pour its fire. 31
Seek him, and when thou find'st him, kneel, 32
Though thou hadst gold spurs on thy heel. 33