John Brett. Portrait of Christina Rossetti. 1857.
The Bijou

The Bijou;

or Annual of Literature and the Arts

compiled by William Fraser

London: William Pickering,


pp. p. 194
Inscription for a Grotto
By Horace Smith, Esq.
HITHER to my Grotto fly, 1
To its cold and mossy seats, 2
Ye who dread the summer sky, 3
And the sun's meridian heats. 4

Here's a fount that moistly breathes 5
Freshness through the vaulted gloom, 6
Eglantine whose hidden wreaths 7
The dim cooling air perfume. 8

Harboured from the care and noise 9
Which have still your steps pursued, 10
Here you taste the purer joys 11
Of sweet soothing solitude. 12

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Here may maid with love untold, 13
In echo's ear her tale effuse, 14
Here may raptured poet hold 15
Communion with the willing muse. 16
Hither — hither — hither fly, 17
To silence to serenity! — 18