John Brett. Portrait of Christina Rossetti. 1857.


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Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. XVI. Nouveaux Contes Moraux, &c. i.e. New Moral Tales. By Marmontel.."The Monthly Review (1801)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. XIII. The Rival Mothers, or Calumny. Translated from the French of Madame de Genlis.."The Monthly Review (October 1801)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. XII. Le Divorce, &c.; i.e. The Divorce, the False Revolutionist, and the Heroism of Women; Three Novels. By M. Fiévée.."The Monthly Review (1805)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 25. Rimualdo; or, The Castle of Badajos. A Romance. By W. H. Ireland.."The Monthly Review (February 1806)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. VII. The Denial; or, The Happy Retreat. By the Rev. James Thomson. 12mo. 3 Vols. 9s. sewed. Sewell. 1790.."The Monthly Review (December 1790)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. XVI. Tableaux de Famille, &c. i.e. Family Pictures, or the Journal of Charles Engleman. Translated from the German of Augustus de la Fontaine, by the Author of Caroline of Litchfield (Madame de Crousaz).."The Monthly Review (1802)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. XVI. Charles et Marie.—i.e. Charles and Mary. By the Author of Adéle de Senange. 12mo. Paris. 1802. De Boffe, London.."The Monthly Review (1802)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 46. The Negroe equalled by few Europeans. Translated from the French. 12mo. 3 Vols. 9s. Sewed. Robinsons. 1790.."The Monthly Review (November 1790)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 21. Grammaire Italienne, Réduite en Six Le ç. Par M Curioni. 12mo. pp. 48. 3s. De Boffe. 1790.."Monthly Review (July 1790)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. II, The Lamentation. A poem. In two parts. To which are added other Miscellaneous Pieces, in Blank Verse and Rhyme. Crown 8vo. pp. 200. 6s. Boards. White. 1801.."Monthly Review (January 1802)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. XIII. Le Paradis Reconquis: Poëme, imité de Milton, par L.R. Lafaye, Gradué en l'Université de Paris, Maitre de Langue Françòise. 12mo. pp. 141. 5s. sewed. Bell. 1789.."Monthly Review (December 1789)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. IX. Les Amours Epiques, &c. I.e. Loves Epics, an Heroic Poem, in six Cantos, containing a Translation of Episodes on Love, composed by the best Epic Poets. By Parseval Grandmaison.."The Monthly Review (1804)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. V. Men and Manners. By Francis Lathom. 12mo. 4 Vols. 14s. sewed. Wright, &c. 1799.."Monthly Review (February 1800)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 52. Monument du Costume Physique & Moral de la Fin du dix huitieme Siécle; ou, Tableaux de la Vie. Small 8vo. 2 Vols. pp: 360 in all. 6s. Boards. Dilly. 1790. Art. 53. Pictures of Life: or, a Record of Manners, Physical and Moral, on the Close of the Eighteenth Century. Translated from the French. Small 8vo. 2 Vols. pp: 440, in all. 6s. Boards. Dilly. 1790.."Monthly Review (January 1791)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 24. Observations sur l'éducation des jeunes gens, depuis la fin de leur études, jusqu' à l'epoque de leur entrée dans le monde: ouvrage destiné uniquement à L'Angleterre. Par Mons. Routh, Maitre de Langue Françoise. 8vo. pp. 53. 1s. 6d. Hookham. 1791.."Monthly Review (August 1791)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 34. Sempronia 12mo. 3 Vols. 9s. sewed. Lane. 1790.."Monthly Review (March 1791)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 65. The Turtle Dove. A Tale, from the French of M. de Florian. 8mo. pp. 25. 1s. Printed at Caen in Normandy; and sold in London by Payne.."Monthly Review (January 1791)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 29. The Young Exiles, or, Correspondence of some Juvenile Emigrants. A Work intended for the Entertainment and Instruction of Youth. From the French of Madame de Genlis. 12mo. 3 vols. 12s. Boards. Wright. 1799.."The Monthly Review (September 1800)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. XI. Frédéric; i.e. Frederic, a Novel. By J. F., Author of La Dot de Suzette. 12mo. 3 Vols. Paris.—London, De Boffe.."Monthly Review (1801)View: HTML | XML
Moody, Elizabeth, 1737-1814, "Art. 32. Frederic. Translated from the French of M. Fiévée. 3 Vols. 12mo. 12s. Boards. Wallis.."The Monthly Review (June 1806)View: HTML | XML

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