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The Criticism portion of the Poetess Archive provides a searchable database of criticism and biography by and about eighteenth- and nineteenth-century women writers published from the eighteenth-century up to our own time. While many results, especially of more recent materials, will offer bibliographic information only, search criteria can be narrowed to include only full-text results, and soon, all of these will have been critically edited as well as digitized.

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Criticism Archive: An Introduction

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Ed. Mary A. Waters

Mary A. Waters, editor of the Criticism Archive, is Associate Professor of English at Wichita State University. Specializing in literary criticism by eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British women writers, Dr. Waters is author of British Women Writers and the Profession of Literary Criticism, 1789-1832 and the editor of British Women Writers of the Romantic Period: An Anthology of their Literary Criticism. Her essays have appeared in or are forthcoming in venues such as Eighteenth-Century Studies, Nineteenth-Century Prose, Women's Writing, and a collection on abolition and affect forthcoming from Ashgate.